Technological assessment of the entire life cycle

The term “Technology Assessment” embraces all the substances, mixtures and materials used to make a product, their constructive connections, and their direct and indirect effects in a product’s manufacturing, use and recycling stages. This definition also covers the product recoverability and recyclability criteria required by the European Commission‘s Green Deal and new Ecodesign Regulation.

What does recoverability and recyclability mean?


Take an example: A developer develops a washing machine with an integrated electric motor. In the assembly, this motor is the first to be installed in the frame, followed by the washing machine’s drum on top, whereafter the outer casing is mounted on the frame. This kind of assembly has the technical consequence that the motor can only be deinstalled for repairs or recycling with great effort. Which means that the washing machine can no longer be economically repaired in the short term (reduced lifetime), and harbors little recyclability and recoverability potentials.

To support the developer in estimating the technical consequences – especially in the context of the Ecodesign Regulation – tec4U Solutions offers the following software and services:

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